Luca Hagemeyer in NRW Triathlonteam

Luca3Some years now Luca is part of the TriKidsteam from Bocholter Wassersportverein (GER) and is known as a great talent. Since about three years he is coached by TriCATS-coach Hans Lammers and made a real good impression at the NRW-Nachwuchscup series with some good qualifications.

As result of a nasty cold he missed last years qualification for the NRW Triathlonteam only just, but he tried to qualify again this year. Whereas Luca qualified easy for the 50m swim and 3km run, he had to give it all at the 400m swim.

After a week of nervous waiting Luca was informed by the NRW headcoach Grit Weinert that he may join the  NRW Triathlonteam. Our congratulations go to Luca and we may say that we are really proud of him.